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Đánh giá post

Everyone wants to rules the world
Yellow flicker beat
Lana Del Rey: Once upon a dream
Taylor swift:Blank space
Green Days:Boulevard of broken dreams
wake me up when september ends
My darkest days: Every lie

Just give me a reason
Raise your glass
So what
Fucking perfect
Get the party started
who knew
Blow me (one last kiss)
Fun house
The great escape

Maroon 5
One more night
It was always you
Moves like jagger
Pay phone
This love
wake up call

Celine dion
My heart will go on
Because you loved me
The power of love
Beauty and the beast
The colour of my love
A new day has come
Prayer (feat Josh Globan)
Tell him (feat Barbara Straisand)
I believe in you

James Blunt
You’re beautiful
Goodbye my lover
Carry you home
Send me a prayer
If time is all I have
Calling out your name
One of the brightest stars
No tears
I’ll be your man

Barbara Streisand
woman in love

Phil Collins
Another day in paradise
Against all odds
Can’t stop loving you
Do you remember
Don’t loose my number

Adam Lambert
what do you want from me
For your entertainment
If I had you
No boundaries
Time for miracles
Lay me down
Mad world
Run away

Bohemian Rhapsody
Another one bites the dust
You’re my best friend
Don’t stop me now
Crazy little things called love
Love of my life
we will rock you 
we are the champions
Hammer the fall

Kristinia Debarge

My darkest days
Every lie
Move your body

Nelly furtado
All good things (Come to an end)
Turn off the light
Say it right
Quando quando quando
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